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I'm a software developer playing around with Scala, Lift and GWT along with a few DIY side projects.

onsdag 11 november 2009

And he is asleep...

Now that Sebastian is taking his afternoon nap I have time to do some coding. A couple of month ago I attempted to hack-away with my son in my lap. It was not an experience which captured the imagination of my then 8 month year old son. Nowadays he seems to prefer to stand up beside things... who am I to judge? I enjoy coding in my spare time, he likes to stand. I suppose the standing thing is in most cases more usefull.

What am I coding then? Well, I have made a bittorrent tracker written in Scala and using Lift. Lift is a nice framework, fairly easy to get into (if you have some form of book or guide). The hardest part I think is getting used to code in Scala. I'll post some nifty language features later.

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