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fredag 13 november 2009

It's on github

I've created a public repository on github to host the code for my Scala bittorrent tracker. As for now I have decided to call it Steps. A tracker follows steps, a "Scala" (stair in italian) has steps, however Lift (the webframework that Steps uses) lacks it... so Steps is a nice name.

The git repo can be found here:

Right now the only usable code there is the Bencoder, which can be used to decode a Byte array of bencoded data into Scala objects (SortedMap, List, String and Int) and encode them back. I have a working Tracker implementation, but I want to clean the code up a bit before committing it and try to get some more tests together for it. Real soon now :)

Ps. I forgot to say that you can also find the repo by searching on google for "scala bittorrent steps" currently it's the 10th hit Ds.

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