måndag 7 december 2009

First Steps... (oh that is truely cheesy)

I've managed to clean up the Steps code a little bit. It is now possible to use the SampleTrackerSite to upload, download and search for torrent files. The Peer tracking also works, however it is not able to respond with the compact peer list, i.e. it will always respond with a bencoded dictionary for each peer. I'm going to add the compact response next. In addition I will move the model to use JPA instead of the built in Mapper stuff. That way Steps will be able to run on GAE, which I think would be nice...

Next post I will attempt to do a short presentation of a feature I like in Scala. It will either be case classes or mixins. But, I'm not sure I use mixins "correctly" ;)

PS. If anyone try to use the Steps code please send an e-mail, especially if there are any issues (I'm sure there are several I overlooked). Oh and Steps can be found at http://github.com/archevel/Steps!

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